6 Mother’s Day Gifts for Women Battling Infertility

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6 Mother's Day Gifts for Women Battling Infertility Jalina King thissideofif #infertility #mothersday

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Mother’s Day isn’t always flowers, smiles, and breakfast in bed.

Mother’s Day is one of the most difficult days of the year for women struggling with infertility or who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss. Do you know anyone who is experiencing infertility? Maybe she is a close loved one or a not-so-close coworker.

This woman is hurting right now.

She won’t say it out loud. She won’t ruin Mother’s Day for those with children. She knows… hopes… prays… wishes desperately that one year, Mother’s Day will be a happy occasion for her. She’ll be holding her own baby. Her husband will bring her flowers. Her family will send her cards. Her coworkers and friends will wish her, “Happy Mother’s Day!” Maybe next year.

She is wondering, When will it be my turn to celebrate Mother’s Day, instead of silently grieving? When will others celebrate me? When will I finally be worthy of recognition as a mother? Why on God’s earth are there SO MANY Mother’s Day commercials?

Let me tell you: these women are preparing their bodies, homes, and lives for their babies, and they deserve to be recognized!

They are reading pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting articles.

They have chosen not only partners for life, but fathers for their children.

They are making decisions about fertility treatments and what will give their babies the best chance at life.

They are buying and storing baby clothes, hoping to one day clothe their babies in them.

They are saving for and buying houses with enough rooms for all their children.

They are working overtime and holidays now so when their babies do finally come, they’ll have earned the time off with them.

They are decorating nurseries, both on Pinterest and physically in their homes.

These women are mothers in their hearts and minds. They’re just waiting for their bodies to get the memo. They are Mothers of Angels— angels who have yet to join them and angels who have left too soon– and they deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated.

Here are 6 Mother’s Day gift ideas for women battling infertility and loss:

1. Pacifica Beauty Perfume

Xenoestrogens are bad news. While eliminating harmful toxins is a great way for a woman to prepare her body for pregnancy, a lady still likes to smell nice! This perfume is xenoestrogen-free (or in buzzword terms, “non-toxic,” “chemical-free,” or “free and clear”) and comes in a variety of enticing scents like you’ve never smelled before. My favorite scent is Indian Coconut Nectar. Other scents include Himalayan Patchouli Berry and French Lilac.

2. Force of Nature Starter Kit

Because a Mother of Angels loves a clean house as much as the next mom. This cleaner is also xenoestrogen-free and is made of only 3 ingredients: water, vinegar, and salt. The kit includes an electrolyzer, which turns the mixture into a cleaner as powerful as bleach and gives it a light pool scent rather than that nasty vinegar smell. Force of Nature cleans, deodorizes, and sanitizes everything from hands and toothbrushes to bathtubs and pet stains (I see you, fur momma.) I know because I’ve tried it! Get $30 off the Starter Kit by clicking here.

3. Endangered Species 88% Dark Chocolate (Pack of 12)

Keeping with the theme of preparing her body for pregnancy Endangered Species 88% is an excellent option for the chocolate-loving momma-to-be with only 4 ingredients. It also has on 5g of sugar, so it is great for women who are cutting down on sugar in an effort to eat well in preparation for pregnancy.

It is well-known that dark chocolate encourages weight loss by curbing appetite. This is especially true with Endangered Species 88% Dark Chocolate. This particular brand has a chalky texture when you chew it, which sounds gross, but it is beneficial. The texture encourages you to slow down and enjoy the chocolate, letting it melt in your mouth. After only a few pieces, you feel satisfied and don’t want any more chocolate! No binging with this chocolate bar! It also breaks into perfect little enjoyable morsels. I especially love them while watching TV or commuting home from work!

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4. Joy Comes in the Morning: Coloring Through Infant Loss & Miscarriage

This is a meaningful gift for a Mother of Angels grieving her little one this Mother’s Day and every day. Coloring is a calming and healing activity for people of all ages. Joy Comes In The Morning is filled with beautiful illustrations and scriptures thoughtfully selected to comfort and encourage mothers who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss. While I did not discover this book until long after my last miscarriage, it was recently well-received by a good friend of mine navigating her own infertility journey.

5. My Kids Have 4 Paws Bumper Magnet

For the passive-aggressive fur mom like Yours truly. I may or may not own one of these myself. Something has to balance out all those Baby on Board bumper stickers. Who knows? You just evoke a smirk with this one! Not the right style? See other similar bumper magnets here.

6. Gift Card

Infertility is a difficult topic for not only the couple struggling but for everyone around them. It can be hard to know what to say or give to someone you know who is struggling through infertility. Sometimes the best and only thing to say is “I’m thinking of you.” Mother’s Day is a perfect day to say that, and a gift card is the perfect way to let a momma in waiting know you’re thinking of her and that she deserves to spoil herself a little during this difficult time. Include a meaningful note with a greeting-card-gift-card combo.

Who in your life is experiencing infertility? How will you acknowledge her this Mother’s Day? If the answer is you, what would you add to this list?

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