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I’m on a mission to spread hope and encouragement through infertility, miscarriage, and motherhood afterward, as well as bring awareness to these often-taboo topics. That means you can find my work around the Web. These are excerpts of writings and other collaborations you won’t find here on This Side of If. This page is partly for you to connect to other people doing amazing stuff and partly for me to keep all my work in one place that’s easily accessible for everyone.

Here’s where my little corner of the Internet connects to other little corners. Browse through and see if anything catches your attention!

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Guest Posts

Living in the Wait | The Wait List – Jalina

“While I did experience nearly 3 years of infertility, and I do have two rainbow babies, the wait I feel called to share is our most recent wait of 16 days for a viability scan. It was a different kind of two-week wait than I had become accustomed to… God was so good to us in our wait. Just weeks before this particular wait began, I felt him calling me to trust him with the timing of our next baby. From that moment, I heard him speaking to me constantly through songs repeated on the radio and well-timed Bible verses in my daily readings. I felt like he was preparing me for battle, equipping me with truth and encouragement which I could reference when times got tough. Never did we expect after our struggles to conceive our two boys that we would become miraculously and naturally pregnant just one week after this calling. However, I was all too familiar with the notion that pregnancy does not mean you get to hold a baby…”
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Hope for Fertility | Warrior of the Week – Jalina and Anthony

“Going through infertility and loss, I thought, out of all the struggles in the world, this is the last one I would have chosen. I see now after everything I’ve learned about faith, health, marriage, and parenting that it was the best struggle I never chose…”
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While in Waiting | The Testimony

“I wasn’t always a Christian. My parents only ever took my siblings and me to church on Easter Sunday, if that. The closest I got to Christianity before age 26 were the Ten Commandments hung in my childhood bedroom and an unexplainable attraction to Christian music as a teenager. That was before my infertility journey, which became profoundly intertwined with my faith journey…”
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Abrazo and Coze | Rainbow Baby – The Emotional Impact of Pregnancy after Infertility

“Becoming a mother wasn’t the end result. When we’re waiting, all we want are those two pink lines followed by the beautiful birth of our own, healthy baby. We’re sure that when we have that, our suffering will end. Instead, life keeps going, and infertility keeps coming along with it. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine on this side of infertility. The rainbows we do get are the babies born after indescribable, unimaginable, devastating loss. The sunshine here is seen in that baby’s smile. That baby we wanted so badly for so long. That baby we feel a special gratitude for after the trials and losses. The losses. They don’t dampen the beauty of that rainbow baby’s smile, but somehow the two become forever intertwined. Right now it’s 2:23am. My toddler is crying, and the baby inside me just woke up. But later this morning after a few hours of sleep, you bet I won’t be complaining…”
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Beating 50 Percent | Wedding Vows – Jalina & Anthony King

Yep! I found a spot on the Internet to share Anthony’s and my wedding vows!
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“Our 3-sentence love story: We met in high school but lost touch for several years, during which time I had dreams about ‘the man I was supposed to marry.’ When we reconnected, I realized Anthony perfectly matched the man of my dreams, so we got married at age 20 at a Southern California beach wedding he planned himself. Through deployments, loss, near-divorce, infertility, and more, our relationships with each other and with Christ have grown stronger, and the same pastor who married us will be dedicating our second son in October 2018…”
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The Way I C It | 021 – How Miscarriage Strengthened the Man of Her Dreams with Jalina K

“No two stories are alike and Jalina is here to tell you hers and how the loss of one baby almost caused the loss of her marriage as well. Jalina has such heart and courage and my heart breaks for her all over again when I hear this episode.”

*Just a note for anyone listening, at about time marker 32:30, I state, “Everything was good except for the count.” I meant to say, “Everything was BAD except for the count, so he just had a lot of really bad sperm.”
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Life after Miscarriage | 041 – Marriage after Miscarriage

The Rollercoaster of Marriage through Miscarriage

“This episode is SO REAL you guys! [Jalina] bravely opens up about how her marriage almost fell apart after miscarriage and the struggles that most couples go through navigating their relationship after pregnancy loss. Girl, thank you so much for keeping Ish real!! It’s important for us woman to know that our marriages aren’t the only ones that go through a rough patch after loss.”
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Other Collaborations

In Due Time | Encouragement for the Woman who Just Received an Infertility Diagnosis

“I know there are more questions than there might ever be answers; more frustrations than there might be hope right now. Know that God has gone before you on this. His answers and plan are above any earthly diagnosis. He has already won this battle for your good, and he has made space for grief and lamentation along the way. ‘Jesus wept’ John 11:35…”
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Life of a Babe | 40 Moms Share Tips and Words of Encouragement on How to Breastfeed in Public Fearlessly

“You will get that voice inside your head telling you this is a bad idea for whatever reason. Tell it to shut up. That voice is the biggest hater of all, and if you can put that in its place, you can put anyone in their place (though you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that you probably won’t have to.)”
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