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Nontoxic, Fertility-Friendly Body and Cleaning Products that Actually Work

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Three Years TTC to Three Months with Softcups

Never did I think I’d be receiving this book at a time when I was recovering from yet another pregnancy loss, but HERE IT IS. The book I’ve waited 13 months for. The book I am honored to have been contributed to! That’s right! Page 60 of This Is Pregnancy and Baby Loss. This book is like the pregnancy and baby loss version of Chicken Soup for the Soul and I’m in love with all these incredible contributions surrounding my own where I give seven ideas on how to commemorate your sweet little love. And helloooo ANTHONY CONTRIBUTED TOO! Page 58! Buy here:

This Is Pregnancy and Baby Loss Jalina King #recurrentmiscarriage #pregnancyloss thissideofif
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Father’s Day on the Rocks: A Male Perspective on Infertility and Miscarriage

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